Buried Alive

by Geoff Weinstein


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Leaders and Managers

Are you wasting time reading unclear emails?

Proofreading poorly written reports?

Coming in early, online leaving late, and still not getting everything done?


If so, this book is for you





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Miscommunication = $$$


If your employees waste just 20 minutes a day,

you’re throwing away a pile of money. 


The hidden cost of ineffective communication

Average Salary
Per Employee
Annual Waste
Per Employee
Annual Waste
Per 10 Employees
$50,000 $2,080 $20,800
$75,000 $3,125 $31,250
$100,000 $4,160 $41,600

(20 minutes x 5 days a week x 52 weeks a year = 86.7 hours)

Buried Alive helps you plug the drain!

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Dig your way out

to clear communication


Transform your employees into concise communicators
Boost the team’s productivity
Make time for more important activities


Buried Alive shows you how


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About the Author

Geoff Weinstein


Geoff Weinstein
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Geoff spent 15 years writing and managing communications for Fortune 500 companies. In 2006, physician he founded Mainstream Communications Inc. to teach others how to be clear, advice concise, there and influential. Since then, he’s trained and coached thousands of people, and spoken at hundreds of workshops and events.

Geoff is driven by a vision of a world where people communicate clearly the first time. He’s passionate about leading change, and contends that businesses have not shifted their communication habits quickly enough to keep up with the digital revolution. In 2013 he co-authored Blind Spots: Solving Hidden Business Problems.

Geoff lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife, Leann, and three children. He’s involved with an international children’s charity, and spends his spare time reading, cycling, and hanging out with his family.



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Book Reviews

“BURIED ALIVE is a serious wake-up call for executives. We all know that communication has evolved, viagra but Geoff connects the change to culture and the bottom line.” David Marshall, order Author of Beyond Charity and SUCCESS… Now What?

 “Finally, a book that shows me how to turn my employees into the clear communicators I want them to be. My days just got easier.” Tyler Neilsen, Author of Stop Talking…Get it Done

“Geoff Weinstein shows business leaders why the old models of communication aren’t working anymore, and how to lead our teams through FIVE SHIFTS to an approach that works in today’s digital age.” James Bosma, Owner, Lift Communications

“In this book, Geoff shows business owners and leaders that WE are the ones that set the tone for our workplace communication and culture.” Colleen H. Cole, Author of GUILT – The Secret War of Successful Women

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